Custodial Services

Our Custodial Services Are All About Quality

Our outstanding reputation for providing quality commercial custodial services has made us a leader in our service area. In fact, when the health care industry is looking for professional custodial services the company they rely on most is Great Bay Facility Maintenance Service, Inc.

The reason the industry with the most exacting standards for professional custodial services turns to our team is because we consistently provide excellence in our commercial services and the best in quality control at a very reasonable price.

How many organizations will offer their entire portfolio of clients as references? That is because we are confident that all of our customers will provide the same outstanding recommendation.

At Great Bay we also understand the importance of your “bottom line” when signing on for a service plan. That is why we simply offer excellent quality for a very reasonable price to all of our clients in the full range of commercial markets including banking, real estate, manufacturing, retail and municipal facilities.

We are here to service all of your commercial cleaning services.

Our Team

We have a professional staff with a turnover rate much lower than the rest of the industry. That’s because we make every effort to place them in facilities that are close to their homes and provide them with schedules that work around their family’s schedule and other commitments. Many of our employees have been with Great Bay for more than five years.

Our Owner

The owner of Great Bay, Mr. Jack Kimball, received his Business Degree from the University of Lowell in Lowell, MA. He is also a U.S. Navy Veteran of the Vietnam Era.

Mr. Kimball understands the importance of a clean and wholesome environment, as well as the discipline and organization required for a company to be successful.

Contact us today and give Great Bay the opportunity to provide your business with a comprehensive commercial cleaning service proposal for your facility.

It will be one of the best decisions you will ever make.