Carpets & Upholstery

Protect Your Investments

Choose Professional Carpet Cleaning And Upholstery Cleaning Services

When it’s time for your next commercial carpet cleaning, residential carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning, it’s time to call Great Bay for our professional carpet cleaning services and upholstery cleaning services backed by our customer service guarantee.

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Custodial Services

Our Custodial Services Are All About Quality

Our outstanding reputation for providing quality commercial custodial services has made us a leader in our service area. In fact, when the health care industry is looking for professional custodial services the company they rely on most is Great Bay Facility Maintenance Service, Inc.

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Water Removal

Your Water Removal and Water Damage Remediation Experts

There’s no doubt water is one of the most destructive forces for your home or business, often causing thousands of dollars in damage. Great Bay offers the most complete water removal systems in the Seacoast, including truck mount extraction and a variety of powerful pumps.

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Mold Testing

So you think you have mold?

You may want to do mold inspection services of your home or business as a preventive measure or because you have an obvious problem, like a water leak, visual mold findings or health concerns.

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Hard Surfaces & Tile

Cleaning and Protecting Hard Surfaces, Tile And Grout

Many buildings have multiple flooring materials like vinyl, marble and ceramic tile. Without proper cleaning and maintenance, tile and grout can retain residues, common spills, embedded dirt and the wear of traffic patterns.

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Dry Ice Blasting

Why Is Dry Ice Blasting Your Best Choice?

Dry ice blasting is fast becoming the preferred environmentally-friendly alternative to sandblasting. It works much like sandblasting or high pressure water blasting, but with better results, less mess and fewer disruptions to the surrounding environment.

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